Queens Park Village (my vision)

Bringing the community closer together is the challenge that I would like to prioritise in Queens Park. The development of a 'village' square in the centre of the estate, I believe, would go a long way to achieving this. This positive development could take place next to Queens Park Gardens in the area which is now the Ark school on Third Avenue and the dilapidated buildings on Caird Street.

I believe that a 'village' square would bring the community of Queens Park closer together and add a centre of focus to our area. With an office for the Queens Park Community Council, a cafe, youth centre perhaps and affordable business/artists studios in order to encourage entrepreneurship in our community, the project would create a hub for all of us to share and enjoy. A common denominator for us all. Somewhere we could call 'our place' our village. Best of all, it would be up to US, to decide how we would like to develop the 'village' centre.

The central square would fit in ideally with Queens Park Gardens, where parents could enjoy a cup of of coffee in the community cafe and still be able to watch their children play whilst socialising with our neighbours. Perhaps this is the one important thing that the original designers of the Queens Park Estate overlooked, a central area that we could all associate with as our 'place'. This will benefit us all.


If elected, I will work for

These are the objectives that, I believe, should be met by the new Queens Park Community Council once it comes into effect.

 My main objectives

  • Bringing the community together
  • Improve Community safety
  • Support for young, older and vulnerable people
  • Support for families
  • Support for local business
  • The establishment of a youth council
  • Support community youth projects
  • Enhanced Communication with the community
  • Organising community events
  • Maintaining the history & character of Queens Park





Current Campaigns

Ladbroke Grove, Harrow Road and Kilburn Lane Junction

We have petitioned all councils involved to improve this major busy junction for pedestrians. Even though heavily used by the community, there is NO pedestrian signals on the Harrow road! this is unacceptable and dangerous. Children and older residents have to navigate this major crossroads which is also the main crossing point for Sainsbury's.

Jubilee Centre

I have campaigned for the improvement of the Jubilee Sports centre on Caird Street. I believe that the £300K per annum that it costs us to run is a small amount considering the benefits that the centre brings. That is the price that we pay for community facilities wherever they may be and the Jubilee is vital to this part of Westminster.

If any development should take place, then it should benefit our community and the council should follow its own development plan for this part of Westminster which is to promote business development and not housing which will only be affordable to outside investors including those from abroad.


I am not convinced that a 15 minute saving on a trip to Birmingham warrants all that money spent. I cannot give you a definitive figure on how much it will cost because that amount will change and who knows what it will finally cost. On the plus side, it will create jobs, but then again, those funds could be used elsewhere.

The impact on Queens Park will be immense if current plans are followed through. I have written to the relevant body with my concerns and have offered them an alternative option should the proposed rail line go through. I believe that the line should follow, existing rail lines along the Queens Park rout just north of Kilburn Lane and not under Queens Park homes.

I also believe that the electricity sub station that will be required to generate the power for the rail line and the maintenance/emergency access tunnel entrance should be placed on the railway land where Travis Perkings are based and not on the roundabout where the falcon pub is located at the end of Kilburn lane and opposite Queens Park station as is planned. This would also enable all construction material to be brought in by train and not by dangerous lorries that will clog our street once the works go ahead. This make so much more sense and I am surprised that the planners have not thought of this.