Positive change for Queens Park Community

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Joe Fernandes and I was community councillor for the Queens Park Community Council. I have been involved with the QUEENS PARK COMMUNITY COUNCIL CAMPAIGN GROUP for since 2010, in which time we have achieved our goal of creating our community council in May, 2014. I was originally on the Temporary Queens Park Community Council working to set the systems and procedures for the incoming community council. You can find out a little more of who I am in the 'About Me' section.

The campaign group came into existence because funding for the Queens Park Forum ceased and we wanted to continue the Forum's excellent work in our community. The initial campaign group achieved an enormous amount, culminating in the Queens Park Community Council being formed, the first in London for over 60 years. Much has been achieved, and I thank Fabian, Ted and Angela for all their hard graft in steering us to this momentous occasion and wish them well in the future. Now it is our time, time for the community council and the residents of Queens Park to take governing Queens Park to a new and higher level, something that had not been achieved before. Thank you for electing me as your councillor in the Queens Park 'A' ward. You can read more about this in 'Community Council' section.


These were my objectives

  • Bringing the community together
  • Improve Community safety
  • Support for young, older and vulnerable people
  • Support for families
  • Support for local business
  • The establishment of a youth council
  • Support community youth projects
  • Enhanced Communication with the community
  • Organising community events
  • Maintaining the history & character of Queens Park


This is to name but just a few. Please see the section on 'Vision'. I believe that our 'local' community council can address the issues and concerns of local people much more effectively than having to go through city hall or having to rely on external charities and organisations. The community council was 'one step closer' to our residents needs and therefore will be able to address our issues much more effectively because we all are from the same place, Queens Park, our home. 

The Queens Park Community Council did not be starting from scratch. The networks, systems and the organisation were already in place, so when the council took office, they started their work immediately. Good governance and a well organised, dedicated team of local councillors, your neighbours, will ensure that our residents needs are met and improved upon in order to raise the standards in which we all live together, harmoniously. This is what I hope to achieve.

I worked hard for and representing you, my neighbours, on the Queens Park Community Council, in the Queens Park 'A' ward (QPA) and I ask you to support me throughout my term of office.

Thank you

Joe Fernandes